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Taeyeon accidentally hit Yuri with a ball in the head. Poor Yuri lol 



Jessica is Jessica. haha!

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one of the reasons why i love yoongie~

And the award for the smartest member goes to~~~~

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lol! XD

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You’re a super star who threw away a normal, beige colored life

It’s not because you’re pretty - you want to live meaningfully.

- TaeTiSeo | OMG

Taeyeon 태연(SNSD) Solo and Duet Collection (2004 - 2013)

Note: TURN ON ANNOTATIONS to activate the interactive menu.
Then select and CLICK on the title of the song that you want to play.

watch in youtube - click HERE

done with Taeyeon’s Solo and Duet Collection [2004-2013]

now lemme make Fany’s ver. :D

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